I said I’d write when I became aware of my surgery date. It is scheduled for Tuesday, April 6th. I do not know the time yet. It will be laproscopic, so outpatient- meaning I go home the same day. Being that I get violently ill from anesthesia, I’m not looking forward to it. This is the 6th time I’ve been under anesthesia in less than 12 months. But, to have the pain of the gall stone attacks relieved will be welcomed.

Dr. Sales will be putting in a new port, although he had yet to determine the location as of our appointment last Wednesday. He wanted to consult with a vascular surgeon, as my situation is a bit tricky. Lord, please don’t rescue me from cancer only to take me through some silly complication! Dr. Sales also will be “exploring” my old port site, as I have a hard and distinctly shaped anomaly there. He said he planned on taking a look at my liver while he was in there anyway, so he should be able to have a clearer view of it’s health. I don’t know how long the entire surgery will be, or in what order he will be doing things.

I’ve found out since last writing that not only did my Grandmother have her gallbladder removed for stones, my Father also suffers from gallstones. I guess I had double the odds, huh? Both my maternal and paternal grandfathers died of lung cancer, which is why I quit smoking back in August of 1999.

I also had my first dental exam since I was a child (shame on me!) last week, and have several cavities that need filling. So I’m having that done on Monday, as I have to be off my blood thinner for that too, and I will already be off for the surgery.

So, please remember us in prayer this coming week………

And if I don’t write again until after Easter, know that our hearts are rejoicing with you in Christ’s Resurrection!



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